savor. every. moment.

how this family made me feel, 
“I held my breath as we do sometimes to stop time when something wonderful has touched us…” -Mary Oliver

can i tell you a story?
it was early, we wanted to catch the sun rays just right this morning.
Rachel and Harrison and i were all up and at the table, starting to eat our breakfast.
Matt was still sleeping - not being a morning person -
but then he awoke
and all you heard from the bedroom was
and you should have seen this boys face.
he is already the happiest child i’ve ever seen.
but he lights up
he gasps.
and says almost in a secret loud whisper, with a huge smile
and Rachel helps get him down out of his highchair when Matt again says
“Harrrissonn!!!” singing his sons name.
i ask Rachel “does he call him like that every morning?”
“every. morning.”