i want to show you your beauty.
the beauty in us is BECAUSE we are all so different.
not because we’re striving to be the same.
i want to show you your courage and gentleness.
i want it to be full of life and grace and forgiveness.
i want it to be full of lessons learned and mountains moved. i want it to be all of that and none of that.
i want it to be true
to whatever it is your life looks like and you look like right now.
it could be sad. it could be content, it could be chaos and it could be wild or it could be soft and it could be romantic & i want to capture the memories of that. and i want you to be able to look back and think "this. this is exactly what it felt like. this is what it looked like and who i was."
i want to show you your beauty and show you your strength in times of pain.

self love film photography investment : $750


 i'd love to talk about what we can do to capture who you are. beautifully.


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